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(through VP Racing)

Brandtwood Services Company is an affiliate of VP Racing. VP Racing is the world leader in performance fuels, additives, oils, and cleaners. VP Racing will supply and even deliver these products to your location.  If you are a seasonal dock and lift customer or a routine cabin services customer, you may be eligible for discounts and specials.

While VP Racing's entire catalogue is available for purchase which can be found at below are some common fuels for general use.

  • Performance Fuels (Available in: 5 gal, 54 gal)

    • T4 and T2​

    • UTV 96

    • Sled 96

    • VP 110

    • C9

    • C12

  • Small Engine Fuels (Available in: 1 qt, 1 gal, 5 gal, and 54 gal)​

    • VP 4 Cycle

    • VP 50:1

    • VP 40:1

    • Fix-It Fuel®

  • Watercraft and Automotive

  • Powersport (ATV, UTV, Dirt Bike,)

  • Small Engines

  • Octanium® (Leaded and Unleaded)

  • Ultra Marine Fuel stabilizer

  • 7 in 1 fuel system cleaner

  • Power Boost

  • Fuel stabilizer

  • Cool Down – Coolant Additive

  • Stay Frosty® – Hi Performance Coolant

  • PowerWash – spray

  • PowerWash – Concentrate

  • VP Power T.A.R. Remover™

  • VP Power Clean – All purpose cleaner (not for glass)

  • VP Power Wax

  • VP Power Instant Detailer and Gloss Enhancer

  • VP Power Leather and Interior Detailer


Since Brandtwood Services is an affiliate of VP Racing we are able to take preorders for VP products and coordinate delivery directly to your home within a 40-mile radius of Crosslake.  If you order with dock in and out service or you are on one of our routine service programs, the delivery will be made for free.  Furthermore, as a customer you will be eligible for discounts and periodic promotions of VP products.  For example, VP Racing sells performance fuels for watercraft and powersports equipment.  You may be eligible to add a full season of VP Racing fuel and have it delivered when Brandtwood Services provides your seasonal dock and lift service.

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