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Brandtwood Services Company

Brandtwood Services Company is a full-service provider to owners of vacation homes, VRBO rental properties, and resorts. Brandtwood Services wants to be your first call whether it's putting docks and lifts in, pulling them out, or simple cabin care such as lawn care, painting, cleaning, repairs, etc. We are able to assess problems and possibly fix them on the spot. If it’s a problem outside our expertise we have relationships with other specialized contractors and will use our relationship to get your issue solved. We can simply recommend people or we can work with the contractor to ensure the project is completed correctly and as timely as possible. By making us your first call you can put your mind at ease and know that Brandtwood Services will one way or another solve your problem. While our team doesn’t wear capes, we want to be your hero and make your time at the lake enjoyable.

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